www.iTunes.com Thanks. Yes, I understand there is obviously a quality loss as the bit rate decreases. But I was wondering if any of the conversion software itself caused quality loss. You fellow posters could tell me to use something else and I often do. I use VLC (free) and Nightingale (free). Of course iTunes is much nicer, but it's nothing but a headache. Apple, I've invested over $30,000 in your products over the years. Is this how I am repayed? By not even having the dignity of being allowed bilingualism? Desperately trying to save music library loaded by hand from old vinyl and CDs... Same problem here. Episodes remain listed but with an icon to download. Only way to remove the list of non-downloaded episodes is to Unsubscribe from the Podcast. But if I do that, iTunes won't download new episodes. I'd have to go to the iTunes store, check for a new episode and download manually. I tried redownloading and deleteing episodes and they still stay on the list. With Podcasts that have tons of episodes this is infurating. www.iTunes.com I preordered an album from iTunes on my phone. The album is now out, and automatically downloaded on my iPhone, apple tv and iPad but my Mac iTunes only has the one song that was released early. In the same vein, I also bought a different album on my apple tv and again its on all my devices but my mac. I'm sure I am missing something obvious but this issue hasn't come up before. Any suggestions friends? This is driving me slightly crazy... Its a program that allows you to import the music from your ipod to your computer. Just remember to NOT SYNCING the ipod with itunes before saving your music or photos or all will be deleted. Good Luck Well, on my Macbook Pro mid-2012 and with an 1OS6 iPhone, I can drag a playlist from my music library and drop it into an ordinary playlist on the iPhone, no problem. Also, in iTunes, with Music on your device selected in the sidebar, you can use Autofill at the bottom to copy any playlist to the device. What's to get excited about? The software itself won't cause a quality loss as long as you convert from one lossless form to another. Some audiophools claim that even compressed lossless degrades the quality, but these are the same people who put crystals on their amplifiers and buy $70,000 speaker cables. I'm trying to sync photos from my Mac, through iTunes, to my iPhone 6. It has always worked until recently. Now it only syncs some photos in each new folder, but not all photos in the folder. www.iTunes.com I have tried the setting for all photos in the library as well as select folders - same result. I tried deselecting the folder, syncing (which removed the entire folder), and then reselecting and syncing (which added only the same photos but not all). All photos are the same file type (.jpg). I have tried syncing multiple times with the same results. I am not using iPhoto but am syncing through iTunes. iPhone is running iOS 8.1.1 and Mac is running OSX 10.9.5. Any help is appreciated. I'm finding that with iTunes 12, this no longer works. Each time I attempt the above maneuver, the press drag doesn't work and instead, the Miles Davis playlist is selected rather than dragged.Both computers show the same behavior. Is this a defect or just Apple's way of forcing me to stop using playlists on my iPod and iPhone? I also find that I can no longer copy and paste tracks from one playlist to another using the keyboard commands. Again, is this just Apple saying, "stop oing that"?



iTunes.com I have been trying for several months to delete apple ids from my devices. Somehow three apple ids have shone up between iTunes and the App Store. I have changed passwords multiple times. When I do I can get logged on one time and the next time the password is incorrect. How is that possible within a 5 minute period. Can someone please give me a step by step process to delete all of the apple ids that keep me in an endless loop changing passwords over and over again to no avail? I absolutely despise all these software updates. Was anyone really asking for UI Changes in iTunes? Ok, we were, but not at the expense of taking away features! The TV Area is basically unusable now, where the heck are the Episode Descriptions? It used to be you click the TV Show, iTunes.com it'll display all the TV Episode information in a very nice dropdown. Now all it shows is the episode title. What the good is that??? Bring back the episode descriptions, why would you remove it? Jesus, whoever is charge of your Software devision needs to be fired. Is there an easy way to downgrade, I don't want this garbage on my machine. I have set up the parental control feature in iOS8 on my iPad for my son to use from time to time, He can not buy anything or download anything or go to any webpage that I don't approve of, iTunes.com but when it comes to iTunes it's another story... I don't want him to have this access to listing music on iTunes Radio without my consent, he is only 8 years old, please let me know how to deny him this access. Thanks! I see this concern numerous time about iTunes not able to complete recovery mode but there seems to be no solution.."YET". Any answers? All of a sudden itunes won't open, claiming it wouldn't be supported by my kind of mac. As it has been running on this very mac for a good 6 years I find this statement off centre. I repaired my HD and tried to download iTunes agian, but it didn't work, I can only ever download parts of the dmg file. If anyone had the same problem and knows how to solve it, please let me know. I am quite annoyed. Thank you! Since a few months, my version of iTunes, which is uptodate, started to randomly remove all of my music from my iPod when plugged in. There is nothing wrong with my sync settings, they are just set at 'Sync all music', so I have no idea what the logical explanation of my iTunes' behaviour is. iTunes.com Is there anybody who does? I just imported an audiobook CD and cannot find a way to add a Grouping tag in iTunes 12. See the screen capture for book 6 where there is no option to add the Grouping tag. If you look at the screen capture for Book 5 you will see the grouping tag. I added book 5 in the previous version of iTunes where I was able to add the 'Grouping' tag. Some music shows in ITunes display on MacBook but with (light, not dark) ICloud symbol. I can't download from cloud. Purchased from EMusic, but other purchases download perfectly. iTunes.com I have ITunes Match on; computer is authorized; latest software. How do I get this music?



www.iTunes.com As a follow up to my previous Lana Del Rey rant, I thought it was only fair to review her album with a fresh mind. Unfortunately, I am unable to completely wipe my mind from my previous thoughts. However I have had a soft spot for Lana since I was sixteen and I dont intend for that to change. It has taken me so long to review this album because Ive really had to think about it. Ultraviolence was released June 16th. After listening to it once I went into a dream state of depression. The swirl of romance and hatred is something her audience expected. Her soulful lyrics and dreamlike instrumentals are outstanding; of course this is what we expect from the one and only Dangerous Girl. However soulful and dreamlike Lana may be I still find some of her lyrics disturbing. Songs like Sad Girl, Pretty When You Cry and The Other Woman give her audience and glimpse into her reality as a desperately hurting woman for love. I think this is something many women can resonate with. Her obsession with money, fame and love is something that many people dream about and her lyrics and tune show the dark side of these things. Her constant direct and indirect references to sex also explore the darker side of Money, Glory and Power. Her song named Fucked My Way Up To The Top explores the disparity of needing someone. Needing someone, not for love but for power. Her outlook on life is one that many people chose to ignore. Unfortunately it is one that is haunting each and every one of us. www.iTunes.com The desperate need people feel for love, sex, fame, money and power is something that can override all morals. Lana takes all of our dark thoughts we are too afraid to think and transforms them into hauntingly beautiful songs. As a hardcore fan of iPhone, you must want to purchase new iPhone 5S once it is released. But you have so many favorite songs in your iPod. How can you deal with it? You may say just use iTunes to sync songs from your old iPod to new iPhone 5S. It might be a choice, but definitely not an ideal one. It is right that iTunes is capable to sync songs from your old iPod to new iPhone 5S, but have you ever thought that your data might suffer a loss during this process? To make sure you get one-hundred percent data, I strongly recommend you two professional iPod Music to iPhone 5S transfer tools to help you out. One tool is named Wondershare MobileTrans, the other is named Wondershare MobileGo for iOS. You can choose either one tool to have a try now. www.iTunes.com At the first, I will show you how to transfer music from iPod to iPhone 5S through Wondershare MobileTrans. Step 1: Install and launch Wondershare MobileTrans on computer Download the iPod Music to iPhone 5S transfer program C Wondershare MobileTrans first and install it on your computer. When it is installed, run it. Then connect both your old iPod and new iPhone 5S to your PC. They will be shown on the screen once Wondershare MobileTeans detect them. www.iTunes.com Your iPhone 5S may turn as Destination and iPod turn as Sources. If you want to switch the places of them, just click Flip. Also, you can empty Destination device by clicking Clear data before copy.Click off the marks before contacts and photos before you get started music transfer from iPod Touch to iPhone 5S. Then click Start Copy. After it, you can just sit there and wait. Please keep both your two devices connected with your PC till the end. At the very beginning, get both of your iPod and iPhone 5S to your PC. When they are connected, you can view data on your two devices on the left side screen of your PC. Then click the little triangle before your iPod before you start transferring music. You can select the songs you want to sync from your iPod and click Export to to export them to your iPhone 5S. Either of these two tools can help you to transfer songs from your iPod to new iPhone 5S. You can choose one to do data transfer. To make you understand better, I will tell you more about these two tools. Wondershare MobileTrans is mostly aimed at phone to phone data transfer. It applies to nearly 2,000 devices. www.iTunes.com As for Wondershare MobileGo for iOS, it is a very powerful and wonderful manager for users to manage all files on iPhone/ iPod/ iPad.


www.iTunes.com I noticed I was having the problem with songs

www.iTunes.com I noticed I was having the problem with songs that had been in WMA format but converted by iTunes. From what I read, this error is actually about permission issues for the files. I tried changing the permissions on the directory and cascade them to each file, but that didn't work. Reading more, one user got around the problem by zipping the problem files and use the files from the zip to sync. That worked for them. I tried that and it didn't work. Then I just figured there is some residual setting either on the iPad or in iTunes that was still hosing me. I'd gotten pretty annoyed by this time so I figured I have to start with a clean slate. I reset the iPad to factory condition. I then went to windows restore and selected the restore point prior to installing iTunes. www.iTunes.com I then went thru the painful process of setting everything up again. Once I was installed and let the music be added to iTunes, I went thru and "unchecked" everything I didn't care if it went to the iPad. That was frustrating since I didn't actually have any check boxes showing. Since I was going to exclude whole albums, I did a right click on one in iTunes and there was an option in the context menu to uncheck the box. I did this for all the unwanted albums At this point, I connected the iPad and it was recognized. I went to the page to set up the syncing options. I tried to do it manually, but that was going to be a huge pain so I did the automatic sync and check the box to NOT sync unchecked items. Finally, it started to work. I still got about 15 of the error -54 messages. www.iTunes.com I just clicked it away and the syncing continued.Since I had nearly 2000 songs transfer, I don't know which caused the error but I now have music on my iPad. It's a lot of work, but I finally got the results I wanted. Hope this helps. when viewed in iTunes my iTunes media folder is pointing to Z:/ an external drive location (connected to \network\cloudbox\user\music) where all the music files exist. However in fact what I see in iTunes as "Music" in the left top corner of iTunes shows only songs/artists/albums that in fact are located in folder called Music inside Z:/ when viewed in the windows. How that folder has been created I have no clue. Anyway it contains only a small part of the music, while the major part is in the upper folder. I tried manually to move files/folders between the folders but it doesn't seem to help in iTunes. www.iTunes.com The only way to play the music in Z:/ is to click on the Music menu and choose the shared libraries Cloudbox where all the stuff appears. But it's not like in the media folder, I can't use those songs for playlists etc. I've also tried to re-organize the library in iTunes with no success. Windows 7, iTunes 11.3. Hello, I have a iphone4s on IOS7 and when i connect to my Notebook it says" trust this PC"and i click yes and it doesn't connect i can hear Windows connect to the phone then when i hit trust it connects and disconnects me. When i look at my PC control panel it says "external driver" so i know my wire isn't damaged. www.iTunes.com I don't know why apple added such bad software thats un-needed i have seen lots of posts just like this but i dont want to completely restore my iphone and i have Itunes 11.3 i have removed and installed 2 times now. If anyone can help that would be great I Tried to download my library to an external hard rive in order to reload it onto my new computer. I did everything as instructed by Apple, but only got an icon (no content) on the hard drive. So deleted the icon. Now no library! Individual CDs are still in My Music, but I don.t know how to move them either back to a library or across to the hard drive, short of doing each one individually. www.iTunes.com I'm a complete technophobe so simple language appreciated. Thanks


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